Inviting Users

VitaBit provides you with multiple means by which you can invite other users to your environment. By the following steps you can get to the page for managing invitations:

  1. Log in on
  2. In the left menu, select “Environments”.
  3. Choose the environment you intend to invite other users to.
  4. Switch to the “Manage Users” page on the top menu.
  5. Drop down the page then you can find there are three types of invitations: Manually, Bulk and Sharing a link.


In the left box, you can send invitations to users by adding their names and emails manually. The person you invite will become admin of the environment and get access to managing users if you tick the box “admin” under his/her email address.


If you plan to invite a number of people you can send invitations by bulk. Please click “Browse” to upload a csv-file with each e-mail address on a new line. You can download an example csv-file by the link “example csv file” under the upload box.

Sharing a link

Sharing a link is also a convenient option to send invitations. First set up a validation rule and create a link for sharing.

  • Click “Setup validation rules” and then you will be redirected to a new page.

  • Select “New Link” and set conditions on which people are eligible to join your environment, for example, you can only make people with email domain "" eligible for accepting invitations by this link.

  • Click “Save share link” and then select “Go back and get your code”.
  • Select a link in the dropdown list of “Select saved share link”.

  • Select how to place your link:
    • Pain URL: with it you can copy html code and send to your friends directly;
    • VitaBit Button: with it a VitaBit button picture will be generated and you can decide its size. People get invited when they click this button.
  • Copy it and send it. Please note that invitation link for environment expires in 30 days.
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