Advantages of the Environment

Changing sedentary habits can be hard, but working together can help achieve goals, improving vitality is also a team effort!

Changing sedentary habits may sound boring and difficult but VitaBit can make it easy and interesting. Here you can launch “Tournaments” to compete with your colleagues in sitting/standing time and get fitter together.


Comparing to others in your own environment can help see how you are performing.

VitaBit provides visualized comparative statistics to let you know how your colleagues are performing and whether you are outstanding in leading a healthy sitting pattern!


Users are in control what data they share before accepting the invitation.

Privacy is carefully protected. Definitely, you are the only one who can decide which data to share to others. Without your permission anyone including people in the same environment with you has no access to how long and how much you sit, stand or walk.


Out of the box users management for large groups.

VitaBit is also an ideal management tool for large groups. With this compact wearable device, you can easily take management of a large group with various dashboards recording their movement patters and reporting their activity levels.


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