VitaBit - Smartphone APP's v1.7 - Release Notes

In the VitaBit – v1.7 release, the user interface has been greatly enhanced and thus many of your favourite features are easier to use than ever before. We also improve the classification of sitting pattern in order to present you a more comparative activity picture. In addition, a feedback system is now open to users so that improvements will be based on your advice afterwards. Furthermore, automatic data synchronization between devices is set up for better information integration. Following are the details of VitaBit - v1.7.



Gathering feedback from users (applicable to iOS and Android App)

Created “About” screen

Added “Bluetooth” state to the device list screen

Create a ticket from app by clicking on the “Support” button

Installed user analytics tools for future improvements on User Experience

Automatic data synchronization between devices for better integration



Moved the icon of “Bluetooth” state to the right-top of the title

Changed the style of “Settings” page

Improved the classification algorithm of sitting activity



Corrected wrong daily total calculation (7-day average)

Corrected spelling mistakes with synchronizing when updating firmware

Corrected spelling mistakes with circumstances on the “Feedback” screen

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