VitaBit - Analytics Portal v1.6.5 - Release Notes

In the VitaBit - Analytics Portal release, the user analytics system is embedded for further continuous improvements and also many of your favourite features are refined and easier to use than ever before. In addition, we change “Goal/Tournament/Achievement” time setting to minutes from hours to present you a more accurate activity picture. Furthermore, widgets’ new look is to be discovered by you. Following are the details of VitaBit - Analytics Portal.



Installed User analytics

Users can login into the App with email /password

Cancelled account options

Users are notified when no data for more than 1 day

Loaded performance test for the server(s)



Changed “Goal/Tournament/Achievement” setting to minutes from hours

New look for Goal/Insight/Compare widgets

Added smartphone App download icons to Step 5 during users’ setting up to optimize user-flow

Added gaps to the timeline

Removed “Test” from new account registration emails

Changed options for the educational level



Matched colours on charts with the labels

Averted possible user data overriding in the App

Ensured Goal/Tournament emails to be sent and received

Consisted sedentary 15 days’ data with the other activity widgets

Prevented creating a tournament when environment is still pending

Solved bugs for “Tournament”

Corrected the profile colour at acceptance of environment invitations

Repaired crashes when closing a saved tournament widget

Repaired the comparison widget "Average of All Users"

Repaired switches

Corrected the "Select Month" date picker in “Goal” widgets

Corrected comparison directions in “Achievement” widgets

Corrected error dashlets after losing internet connection

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