The Achievement Widget

How to Create

  1. Click the “New widget” button that is under the head title “Dashboard”.
  2. Then click or drag the "Achievement" button to add a new achievement widget to your dashboard.
  3. Select one option from the four: number of steps, time sitting, time standing and time walking.
  4. Set the time at “an amount of” box, for example 30. Then choose the period you would like to achieve this. Then save it.
  5. You can change or delete the achievement widget by clicking the right up corner settings button or remove button.


How to Use

The achievement widget is here to encourage you to reach your long-term goal. For example, you need to stand for more than 30 hours in 10 days and this timer will begin to run from then on. When you finish standing for 30 hours before the chosen day the whole widget will turn green and a congratulation email will be sent to you.


By using the Achievement widget, you can benefit from reaching a long-term goal.



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