VitaBit - v2.0 - Release Notes

In the VitaBit – v2.0 release, there are three major improvements in smartphone app: Firstly, daily average of sitting/standing/walking are added onto the “today’s performance” panel, in which you can compare your current activity status with your historical achievement. Secondly, a new “Widgets from portal” panel is also added onto the app.  The users can then quickly review their goals and achievements via apps without login back to portal. In additional, Coach module and export module are uploaded on to portal, in which coaches can review average data of the whole team, send private message to each user for personal coach and export analytical data.

Following are the details of VitaBit – v2.0:


Smartphone App:

-Daily average of Sitting/Standing/Walking in “Today’s performance”



-Visualization of widgets from portal



Quick tips:

How to set up goals and achievements:

  1. Login to portal dashboard, click here to visit
  2. Click “new widget” to set up goals and achievements

 Goal widgets:

  • The goal widgets which could help you set your goals on sitting/standing/walking time or walking steps on the periods of day/week/month
  • When you achieve your goals, you will receive goal-achieved celebrating e-mails from VitaBit

 Achievements widgets:

  • The achievement widgets allow users to preset an achievement before a specific date.
  • When your achievements are met, you will receive achievement-met celebrating e-mails from VitaBit




-Portal coach module 

The coach module allows team coach the following functions: 

  • Browse average performance of the whole team
  • View 30-day VitaBit Score trend and basic data of non-anonymous users
  • Send 1 on 1 coaching message to each user


 -Portal export module

 The coach module allows team exporter the following functions:

  • Export activity data
  • Export API and non-anonymous users’ information after being granted access




-VitaBit score improved

-Changed the color of Sitting/Standing/Walking bars

-Made “connection icon” blue when it’s loading, red when failed, green when connected 

-Firmware updated



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