Troubleshooting setup / connection

We have create a general troubleshooting article to help you solve most common problems during the setup & connection of your device. The content in this article is based on our experience help to solve all kind of different problems related to all sorts of devices, brands, operating systems. 

If this article doesn't solve the problems please let us know at and we will help you to solve yours. 

  • charge your tracker
    Put your tracker in the charger till the light on the tracker will be turned-on continuously.

  • reset the app
    Close your VitaBit, make sure it's also closed in the background. You can also restart your smartphone to make sure the app is closed.
    After it's closed you can open the app again.  

  • reset bluetooth
    Turn-off the bluetooth of your phone and then after 30 seconds please turn this on again. The bluetooth should be kept on for the VitaBit tracker to communicate with the app.
  • check permissions settings (ONLY ANDROID)
    Navigate to your smartphone "settings -> apps -> VitaBit" then please find the menu-item "permissions". The permissions for location* and storage should be turned-on. 

    *We do not save your location this is needed for the Bluetooth low energy to work, more info you can find here

  • reset tracker
    ! this will remove the data on the tracker
    Put the tracker in the charger, put the charger in the usb port. Take a paperclip and push this in the hole at the back of the charger. You feel a click, please hold for 10 seconds. You can try a few times to be sure it worked. 
    more info you can find here

  • force synchronisation
    When you tracker is connected and you didn't got any data yet. Open the VitaBit app, you now see the dashboard. Force synchronisation by swiping down the dashboard. On the top you will see the text "release to refresh" after you released you will see "loading" and then "sync data:....". When the number behind sync data is at 0 they synchronisation is finished succesfully. 
    Please make sure that both data you will see "last update - tracker" & "last update - sever" are both up to date after forcing the synchronisation. 
    more info you can find here
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