How to wear my VitaBit sit/stand tracker


The VitaBit Sit/Stand tracker is a unique tracker which can detect your sitting / standing / walking activities.  

We designed a product which is not a fashion statement on your wrist, so it's usable for every user. To detect the difference between sitting and standing we ask you to wear the tracker below the belt and above the knee.  

Tips & Tricks of wearing:

  1. When start wearing your tracker, first walk at least for 30 seconds. This will calibrate the device and improves the measurements. 
  2. Don't move the device while it's in your pocket.
  3. Place your tracker on the same position every evening, beside your toothbrush or next to your keys. So wearing will become a habit.  

Attachment mechanisms

The VitaBit has several different attachment mechanismes, please select the mechanism which fits your use-case best. 


When possible choose a small pocket, like the coin pocket on your jeans, this will limit the movement of the tracker while in the pocket and guarantees best result. 

Pocket use tracking


To secure the tracker while not having pockets, you can use the magnet.
Most women feedback they use the tracker on the inside of the tights and so the magnet is hidden underneath the skirt. This minimizes loosing and optimizes the performance.

* only use the magnet when your not using any health related 3rd party devices as pacemaker, etc. If so please always follow the instructions that came with the 3rd party device and contact our support for advice. 

textile sticker

If your outfit doesn't have pockets we offer a set of textile stickers. This can be used to stick the tracker to the inside of the clothing. You can easy remove this sticker, without any damage to the clothes, and reuse it for 3-5 times. 

This option limits the movement of the tracker and guarantees the tracker is worn on the most ideal location on the body ( the upper leg )  

Textile stickers can easily be re-ordered at: 


skin sticker

Certain use-cases require tracking on the body for several days in a row. We offer a skin sticker, 3M Tegaderm, for this. 

Skin stickers can easily be re-ordered at: 


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