VitaBit - v1.0.0 - Release Notes

All trackers in one platform, VitaBit helps you develop new insights, set goals and compare to others.

We have worked hard for the past year to develop the VitaBit Cloud portal. Below we will present you a list of all basic functionalities this first version will include.

Get Started and create your private account
VitaBit let the user be 100% self in control of his personal and business life. Create an account with your private email and be/stay the owner of your data and personal information. You're fully in control of what you share, so you can be confident about bringing your own personal trackers / data providers from your personal life into your business life and gather new insights, set goals and compare. 

Creating a VitaBit account is free, requires no creditcard and takes only 30 seconds. Want one?


Customize and Personalize your Dashboard
The VitaBit dashboard exists of widgets, with this you can fully personalize the dashboard to your own needs. At this moment we offer 3 types of widgets; insight, goals and compare widgets. Every widget can be customized by selecting a different activity, time span or graph type. 

Notifications on the widget will inform you immediately when a widget needs some attention.

Create your own Environment
We offer an environment, every individual user can create an environment. This user will automatically be the environment owner and can invite other users. Users will receive an invitation email, which let them choose to join this environment with their existing account or create a new account. This provides the user the option to accept an invitation of his company with his private email.

Company email will be stored in the background, when a user leaves the company, the environment owner will be able to remove the user. But the data gathered and the account will stay (active) with the user. 

The user will be able to select what data will be shared ( 100% in control ) in the environment. The user can be anonymous or can choose to share his personal information.

Within an environment users can compare their own data against the average of the full group.

A user can join/create as many environments as desired.  

 * brands used in this image are only used for demo purposes.

Data Processing Unit
The engine of VitaBit is able to combine existing data-streams into new activities. Our version 1 shows this by presenting you the activity away/behind desk.

New data will be processed immediately, but when it's not available right away due to a delay in the synchronization it will be backwards processed (updated).  

Weekly Progress Report
Every week you will receive a weekly progress report to feedback the user on the progress that is made on his own ( personal ) goals. These goals are set on the user's dashboard.


We would love to welcome you in our VitaBit community, please vote for new features and let's improve VitaBit together.

Or do you want to create a VitaBit account directly?


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