Step 04: Dashboard Panel

In dashboard panel:

 Image 1: Drag and drop your new widget to the dashboard


  1. You can select "New widget"
  2. You can select "Insight", "Goal" or "Comparison" widgets to visualize your data.
  3. By choosing the "Insight" widget, get insights on "Time using the computer", "Time behind my desk", "Number of steps", "Number of stairs", "Time sedentary" and "Time sleeping". (Welcome to vote for your preferred data provider for more options)
  4. By Choosing "Goal", set your goals by day, week or month. 
  5. By Choosing "Comparison", compare with your colleagues or all VitaBit users 



 Image 2: Click the icon to configure your widget


 Image 3: Select an activity with the input field that is embedded within the sentence.


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