Step 05: Settings Panel

You can modify personal information and environment infomation in corresponding setting panels by the following steps:

1. Enter "Settings" at the left menu. In the "Profile Information" page, you can manage your profile image by choosing a colorful avatar or uploading a picture from your computer.

2. In the "Personal Information" page, you can modify the following personal information: 

1) Demographic Information

2) Password

3) Language

4) Health Metrics: In the "Body Infomation" section, only the boxes with * are necessary.

5) Time Zone

6) Job information.

7) Newsletter: Here you can also choose whether to receive VitaBit newsletters by ticking the box at the bottom of this page.

3. In the "Devices" page, you can connect your devices to the VitaBit App and set up tracking hours.

4. In the "Notifications" page, you can choose whether to receive your weekly progress report.

5. Enter "Environments" at the left menu. In the "Brand settings" page, you can customize the overall VitaBit display layout for your team.

6. In the "Billing information" page, you can manage your billing information including your company information address.


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