Standard Authorized Reseller Agreement

To qualify and remain a VITABIT AUTHORIZED Reseller (VAR or Reseller), your business must adhere to this VITABIT AUTHORIZED Reseller Policies at all times.  These policies include the following terms:

Disclosure: Each VAR must maintain current business information and disclose all locations that carry VITABIT products. Each VAR must maintain accurate and up-to-date company information and disclose all locations that carry VITABIT products throughout the term of your reseller relationship with VitaBit.

Reporting: Each VAR shall provide sell-thru information. VITABIT reserves the right to perform an audit of financial statements pertaining to VITABIT sales or the business operations (conduct) to ensure compliance with this policy. VITABIT will separately provide details on the frequency and means for making these reports.

Trademark & Brand Usage: Each VAR must comply with VitaBit ‘s Style Guide, which outlines the Trademark & Brand Usage Policies in orderto represent yourself as a VITABIT AUTHORIZED Reseller in all print, audio, video, and online advertising & sales collateral. Setting up businesses, registering domain names, or social media usernames that contain any of VitaBit ’s trademarks is strictly prohibited. To ensure compliance with VitaBit’s Authorized Reseller Policies, you must only use approved marketing materials for all VITABIT products. VITABIT publishes a VITABIT Style Guide for reference.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy:. To protect the investment of our high-quality resellers and VitaBit 's brand reputation, we have unilaterally adopted a MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY (“MAP Policy”). VITABIT established this MAP Policy due to the fact that reseller advertising and sales practices that promote VITABIT products primarily on the basis of price could be detrimental to resellers’ service and support efforts and VitaBit 's competitive position. Such activities can be harmful to VitaBit 's brand, reputation and competitiveness, and allow some resellers to take advantage of the service and support efforts of others. VITABIT believes that these practices are unfair and thus discourages such efforts. Each VAR must understand their obligations under VitaBit’s MAP Policy and abide by them 

Original Packaging: Reseller may not alter original VITABIT packaging in any way prior to reselling VITABIT products. Removing VITABIT products from packaging and reselling VITABIT products in different packaging or under a different name is strictly prohibited.

Product Data in Advertising: Reseller must be able to use standard VITABIT supplied data in product data feeds that you distribute to third party advertising venues, unless prior written permission is obtained from VitaBit.

Bundling Constraints: Reseller must not bundle VITABIT products in online assortments or data feeds without receiving prior written permission from VitaBit.

Bulk Sales: Reseller agrees to reasonably cooperate with VITABIT in preventing unauthorized exportation of VITABIT products. For VITABIT products which incorporate an individualized numerical designation (e.g. serial number) and which are sold in bulk, defined as ten (10) or more units in a single transaction, or ten (20) or more units purchased by the same individual within thirty (30) days (“Serialized Bulk Products”), Reseller shall endeavor to request the following information: customer name, customer address, customer phone, product serial numbers, and dates of transaction. The customer information is not required to be transferred to VitaBit, however it should be used to identify suspicious purchase patterns. In the event the customer refuses to provide such information, Reseller should reduce the transaction quantity to below the applicable Serialized Bulk Products threshold.

Customer Confusion: Reseller will not advertise, market, display, or demonstrate non-VITABIT products together with VITABIT products in a manner that would create the impression that the non-VITABIT products are made by, endorsed by, or associated with VitaBit.

Approved Websites: Reseller must only take orders via publicly accessible ecommerce enabled web pages hosted on approved websites owned and operated by your company. Selling on third party sites (e.g., eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.), drop-ship accounts (,,, etc.), classified sites (, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) or direct messages on forums is strictly prohibited.

Privacy Policy: Reseller must publish and maintain a publicly accessible privacy policy.

Failure to comply with all of the terms in VitaBit ’s Authorized Reseller Policy will result in suspension or termination of your status as a VITABIT AUTHORIZED Reseller or your account with VitaBit.


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