Software update doesn't work

The software says that my software needs to be updated. Somehow the software gets stuck at it and won't update it. 

- Honor 7 Android 6.0 (rooted and custom rom)
- VitaBit software version 1.1.2(12)
- Vitabit DeviceNumber 011b

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    VitaBit - Vera Official comment

    @Timo-Tielens: Thanks for pointing out this issue.

    The message you are getting is for updating the firmware of your tracker device. We discover this is happening because the permission to your phone storage in need of updating is rejected by the Android device. Thus, we cannot get access to downloading the firmware and storing it on your phone storage for consequent automatic transferring to your tracker device and updating on it.

    However, In the new version of the Android App that will be released soon in January 2017, this problem is fixed. So we suggest you wait for the new Android App to update the firmware for your tracker device.

    We are sorry for this inconvenience and are working hard to solve it. We will send you a message when the new version is ready for downloading. Thank you very much for your contribution.

    Best regards,

    VitaBit Support Team

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