Tips to be less sedentary?

Please share with us your tips & tricks to be less sedentary in your daily life.

Do you consider parking your car 2km further away or do you take the stairs instead of the elevator, we are very interested to know what is working for you to off-set your sedentary working time.


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    Nathalie Berninger

    I personally love to take the stairs, refreshing my whole body during working hours. For parking the car further away, I am mostly too cold. But even during my working hours I try to include as many active units as possible: drinking much to walk to the bathroom, have a short talk at the coffee machine, going downstairs (and up again) to buy lunch, having no trashcan in my office... 

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    Davy Baars

    Go talk to people in person instead of emailing them when you need something or have a quick message.

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