How do you wear your VitaBit Sit/Stand tracker?

Tips to wear or put your sit/stand tracker;


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    VitaBit Support Official comment

    The tracker will perform best when you wear it between the belt and the knee and on the front-side of the leg. 

    If you wear a jeans with a small coin-pocket this is the best place, here te tracker can not turn in your pocket and minimizes the change to misjudgment. 

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    VitaBit - Vera

    No doubt your pockets are appropriate for that, but in fact the tracker can sense your moving pattern even better if you wear it at your lap below the belt and above the knee. It does not matter if you wear the tracker on your dominant leg or not. In addition, the accuracy is at its best when the tracker is on the front of your lap, rather than at the side.
    Furthermore, for the circumstances when your clothes do not have any pocket we are preparing a special magnet that will be released in early 2017.

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